2013: NEW Year, NEW trends!!

Posted: January 27, 2013 in Fashion, Public Relations, SPC 213
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What better way to start the brand new year than with my predictions on the FIRST thing that ‘fashionistas’ and ‘fashionistos’ alike must take into account before slipping on those stylish garments—COLOR!

However before I give you an inside look into the future 2013 color blueprints, let’s press the rewind button and visit the color trends and combinations that made 2012 so amazing.

texture.Texture.TEXTURE!! 2012 served as the perfect matrimony of accouterments–neutrals, browns and matte colors being perfectly coupled with their more vivid counterparts– tangerine orange, electric yellows, daring reds and soothing blues.

[Image via Combustion]

2013 color predictions: Call it a “hunch” but..


  • “Why so Blue? Well, the question this spring will be WHY NOT? Tantalizing cobalts and romantic navy blues are projected to be standouts this year.
  • Be prepared this spring as bright greens, teals, blue/green mesh and the effervescent spearmint greens are sure to make everyone “Green with envy”
  • Yellows and Oranges will deviate from the bold, neon impressions of 2012 and crossover into a more saturated, matte territory.
  • Earth tones are making a comback in a huge way! Darker browns, olives and nude colors are set to be one of the more dominant colors in men’s and women’s fashion alike this year.

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Blacks and Purples are long-standing regulars in fashion and will undoubtedly lay their marks on the red carpet this year–but to what extent? the verdict is still out.

TRENDS: This year expect to see a ton of fresh embroideries, cut-outs, sheer embellishments and sequin accents. I also smell more Metallics!

What do you guys think about the predicted color trends for the new year? Feel free to leave comments with your thoughts!


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