Beyoncé’s HBO Special “Life is but A Dream”…an introspective masterpiece.

Posted: February 25, 2013 in Cinema, Public Relations, SPC 213
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[Image via AceShowBiz]

R&B mega diva and recently dubbed “Mistress of the universe”, Beyoncé, released her highly anticipated documentary “Life Is But A Dream” on HBO. The documentary was executively produced and directed by Beyoncé solely and consisted of personal and professional footage spanning as far back as her childhood. New territories were unveiled as she revealed the most recondite and intimate details of her life that included, but were certainly not limited to her marriage to rapper and mogul “Jay-Z”, motherhood, behind the scenes rehearsals and a host of other humanizing components of her private life.

The film, which aired on HBO garnered an astounding 1.8 million viewers–the highest record for most viewers for an HBO premiere documentary in almost 10 years. With huge numbers like this, it’d be easy for one to think that HBO was extremely excited for this project…….wrong. In reality, this documentary almost didn’t get greenlit because HBO programming director, Michael Lombardo had severe reservations.

In an excerpt from an interview with “NY Daily News, he stated,

“If someone said to me, ‘Why is this on HBO?’ I can’t say why — this isn’t a traditional documentary and this isn’t a traditional music special because there something undeniably moving and honest about it.”

Initially, he did not go out of his way to accommodate Beyoncé — after all, HBO has long been known for airing critically acclaimed documentaries and blockbuster music specials.

“I knew who Beyoncé was, but I wasn’t really a fan. If you had asked me to name more than one of her songs at that point I couldn’t,” Lombardo admitted. But as he does for most potential HBO programming candidates, he asked Beyoncé’s team to send over a copy of her film for him to preview. They refused and instead insisted that they personally hand deliver a copy and watch it with him in HBO’s Los Angeles screening room. It took almost six weeks for them to agree on a date and time, and when he finally saw the film Lombardo was blown away.

“This, felt so fresh and honest to me,” he said. “She’s constantly walking this line between public performer and private person, and wrestling with how, in this massive spotlight, she can hold onto the part of yourself that makes you real.

“It’s such an honest struggle and such an honest conversation,” he said.

“I was also dazzled by how hard she works, the unbelievable, unsexy, hard, sweaty work that goes into mounting a show — any show she does. You just have to take you hat off to her.” (NY Daily News)

What an act of faith on the HBO Network’s behalf and what an AMAZING testament to Beyoncé herself for being bold and courageous enough to let her fans in and see, if merely just a glimpse, of the beauty that lies in her vulnerability.



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