Chapter 1 C.A.T.

Posted: August 21, 2013 in C.A.T
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we-love-prThe introduction chapter of “Public Relations Writing” was a very interesting read. Even with my initial knowledge of the Public Relations, this chapter was extremely informative. The basis of public relations and its duty as the buffer between organizations and products is the penultimate main objective. The three ideals that should ALWAYS be considered as a PR writer are the “whom”, “how” and “what” in relation to the message and bottom line. The most intriguing element this chapter were the subtle connections to Nicomachean ethicsthe premise and duality of there always being a “deficiency and excess” as it relates to the root of human nature. In PR writing, it is no different.

Ethics plays a huge role in PR

  1. Deficiency of ethics in writing: “press agentry”
  2. Excess of ethics: Explicit regard for “truth”

Overall this chapter was an amazing start and definitely set the tone for the rest of the book. I look forward to the chapter  summaries throughout the semester! 🙂


[Image via SpartanPR]


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