Chapter 2 C.A.T.

Posted: August 26, 2013 in C.A.T
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sample_2_415_550Chapter 2 served as an amazing chapter that serves as a briefing on TECHNIQUE/STYLE.

Style and effficacy as it relates to writing was discussed. Writing style has always been significant to me because as a PR major, diffrentiation and the ability to craft work in a unique, yet specific manner is vital. A key point (that prior to reading this, was completely unaware of) was that there is essentially a motley of styles in writing

  1. houseemployer, organization or firm’s generally accepted style
  2. industryAPA, MLA
  3. mediasocial media’s required style
  4. personalindividual’s own flare

Additionally, I learned the process of establishing a suitable ‘flow’ to writing in PR. As writers, our main  duty lies in our ability to culminate proper syntax, efffective transitions, fluidity and active voice into a successful product. Overll, Chapter 2 provided me with great insight of mastering style through resumes and skillsets.

[Image via HilaryAdams]


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