Katy Perry ROARS to the top of the charts!!

Posted: August 28, 2013 in Music, SPC 313
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Katy Perry has been one of our favorites since she first burst onto the music scene with her 2008 smash single “I Kissed A Girl”. Fast forward to 2013 and fresh off the announcement of her highly anticipated album, Prism, Perry continues to establish herself as a heavyweight in pop music. Her most recent single, “ROAR” has been climbing the charts….and FAST. According to Billboard.com, her new single has sold an IMPRESSIVE 557,000 digital sales–(50,000 higher than musical industry professionals had previously predicted) AND has broken 2 records for the pop diva

  • The 1st– the highest digital song sales week of 2013 to date
  • The 2nd– the highest digital song sale week of Perry’s career [beating out her previous record of 509,000 with her 2010 hit, “Firework”]


We have to admit, when we first heard months back that this new album would be “darker” and “heavier” we had no idea what to expect from the BUBBLY, candy colored hair-rocking, whipped cream bra-wearing Katy that we’ve come to grow and LOVE. However, this single put to rest any reservations that we here at Modern Fashionisto may have had. We are so excited for Perry and if the success of this single alone is any indication of the rest of the album….well us #Katycats are in for a treat!!!

If you haven’t listened go download “ROAR” from iTunes like…NOW.


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