Fashion Roundup: Fall 2013 COLOR TRENDS!!

Posted: September 13, 2013 in Fashion, SPC 313
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Ahh the excitement!! We here at ‘Modern Fashionisto’ LOVE delivering the goods–from celebrity news to our delectable music moments. However, like our name suggests, our mistress is F-F-FASHION!!! (^_^)

The fashion/color trends for Fall 2013 quarter, as presented by FASHION SNOOPS, are as follows:


GRAY: As the smokey offspring of the dichotomous “white and black”, gray is one of those rare colors with dual properties. It can serve as both a delicate, muted accent as well as a rich, bold primary number.

EARTH: This fall, the “outdoorsy” theme is all the rage. Browns, patent leathers, ivories and nude palettes all breaking out from the background and showing the fashion world they can stand out!! [See Timberland look-book]


EMERALDS/PINES: this year has undoubtedly been LOVING green and the Fall 2013 quarter has shown no signs of letting up. Emerald, by many fashion critics, has been jailed as the “color of the year”–its luxurious and elegant overtones support a wide range of texture—> from sparkly, matte, leather and encrusted. Pine is an interesting green that juxtapositions itself quite nicely to winter blues, which shows its immense versatility and crossover appeal.

BLUES: The penultimate cornerstone in the sartorial world, blues have bad one of the most consistent reputations as it relates to RELEVANCE. This past spring saw electric blues at the forefront [See Modern Fashionisto] while this fall focuses on darker and vivacious blues with undertones of purple such as the intriguing, “grape”. This serves the theme for this fall which just happens to be–Duality.

For the extended report on the color trends, see FASHION SNOOP for more.

Xoxo (^_-)


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