Chapter 4 C.A.T.

Posted: September 22, 2013 in C.A.T
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Puerto Rican boyI personally found Chapter 4 the most enjoyable of the chapters thus far. The premise of culture and being able to communicate with people over a myriad of different backgrounds and value systems has always been an interesting concept. As a multi-cultural male (African-American, Korean and Brazilian), I’ve spent the better part of my life gaining and establishing an understanding of different customs and ways of communication; therein naturally lies the connection to this chapter. Cultural competence is a tremendous part of PR writing and life in general. It allows one to successfully communicate with a multitude of different audiences. PR writers have a duty to familiarize themselves with societal and organizational cultures–the latter bring the most important in terms of employment. Simple things such as listening, researching and observing can provide professionals with the acumen needed to possible discover overlap and become more culturally and professionally equipped.

[Image via Chicaandthecity]


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