Top 5 Television Shows

Posted: September 27, 2013 in Cinema, SPC 313
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Here at Modern Fashionisto, we aways pride ourselves on delivering current celebrity, fashion and music news. This week we wanted to do something a little different and let our readers in on our favorite TV shows! The top 5 to be exact. The list is as follows:


5. Breaking Bad (crime drama) [AMC]

Breaking Bad is one of the most rivoting crime dramas, possible in television history. The show revolves around cheimstry teacher, Walter White, and shows his dark transformation from the ailing, feeble chmistry teacher to girsly drug overlord. It has drama, passion and enough action to make a big budge action movie look like child’s play.


4.) Grey’s Anatomy (medical drama) [ABC]

Unless you’ve been living under the largest rock in America, you’ve heard of Grey’s Anatomy. This emmy winning drama had us from first “scrub in” and we haven’t been able to let go since. Grey’s is one of those shows with just the right amount o style, emotional depth and medical acuity all intertwined in one. The love, lies and tragedy all revolve around the beloved protagnoist, Meredith Grey in a way that makes this show simply, magical.


3.) Dexter (psychological thriller) [SHO]

Dexter is a psychological feast for the brains. It follows Dexter Morgan as he (with surprising success) leades two lives. By day, he is a loving brother and forensic blood splatter analyst for the Miami Metro Police Department–byt night, a ruthless serial killer. There’s a catch however; Dexter only kills other serial killer due to his own “ethical code”. Therein lies the beauty of Dexter–he manages to make viewers question their own moral compasses as they sometimes find themselves conflicted or whether to root for or against him.


2.) Big Brother (reality game show) [CBS]

Big Brother is a summer reality series that sequesters a group of strangers in a house and puts them through a series of physical and menatal competitions. The last person standing wins the grand prize of $500,000.


1.) Charmed (supernatural drama) [WB/CW/TNT]

The longest runnind series with an all female lead–this supernatural drama produced by the late Aaron Spelling, follows the lives of “The Charmed Ones”. The Charmed Ones consist of three sisters who are prophetically the most powerful witches in the paranormal universe. This show sweeps viewers away into a cloud of witchcraft, werewolves, sirens and demons all while adding an overwhelming element of humanity through family values.

[Images via CajunRadio, IMDB, NinshantPinto.Blogspot, ShrinkShow, ShiningAllure.DeviantArt]


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