CBS’ Big Brother winner breaks records

Posted: October 3, 2013 in Cinema, SPC 313


CBS’ Big Brother is one of the longest standing and most polarizing summer reality television series in modern day history. The format is simple–a group of 14-16 individuals from all walks of life are sequestered in a house filled with cameras and microphones. This 24 hour surveillance gives the viewers a firsthand look at all of the explosive drama that unfolds. Through a series of physical an mental competitions, as well as strategy, the house guests are evicted from the house one by one and the last houseguest wins the grand prize of $500,000!

Season 15 just wrapped last Thursday and contestants Andy Herren and GinaMarie Zimmerman found themselves in the final two with Andy, a professor from Chicago, being awarded the grand prize by a 7-2 vote. In a game show with a 13 season history marked predominantly by heterosexual men reigning as winners, this win for Andy is HUGE in that he is the first openly homosexual contestant to ever win Big Brother!


Personally? We here at Modern Fashionisto were rooting for the “super-strategist/puppeteer Amanda Zuckerman, but we are proud nevertheless. (^_^)

HUGE congratulations Andy! You played a great game and your win was well deserved!

What are your thoughts? Did you think Andy deserved the win? Leave your thoughts!


[Image via SanFrancisco.CBSLocal]


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