Britney Spears releases new video for “Work B**ch”

Posted: October 10, 2013 in SPC 313
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The princess of pop has done it again! Fresh from the release of her critically acclaimed new single, “WorkB**ch”, Britney released the highly anticipated new music video October 1st! Modern Fashionisto has a huge, HUGE affinity for Ms. Spears so it only makes sense that we give you a play by play of the music video.

This music video gives us typical sultry-eyed Britney in her purest pop form, yet manages to give viewers a more mature, stylized version that tantalizes the senses in every way.
The video opens in classic Spears seductive fashion as the pop princess, now 31, flaunts her amazing body alongside her fabulous dancers–enticing viewers with seductive poses against a beautiful white backdrop.


Queue the sexy fog!


The following scene cuts to the desert as Britney seductively glazes in the mirror and endearingly tells viewers “Now get to work b**ch”. However, it wouldn’t be a Britney video if there wasn’t ‘product placement’. In   the midst of all the flaring electronic beats and pop glamour, Spears manages to promote her new fragrance, “Fantasy Twist” (on shelves now)—she’s a clever one that Britney.


Just as we thought this video couldn’t get anymore sassy, Britney Spears and her motley of dancers come strutting their stuff down a white square runway accompanied by a stunning view of the Malibu Desert.


This video also shows the pop princess as she delivers some of her strongest choreography in years. The video’s standout dance scene shows Spears, dressed in a modern yellow and black bustier ensemble with gloves while ingeniously paying homage to herself circa her 2003 “Me Against the Music” music video.


See the resemblance?

As the video progresses, there are explosions, S&M, sharks (Yes…sharks) and brilliant visual imagery!!

In one of the last, and arguably boldest, scenes of the music video Britney, atop an inverted, pyramid asserts her dominion as she holds the chains to what some may suggest may subliminally represent the other pop divas of today’s industry.

One word: WERKB**CH


Britney Spears’ latest music video was a feast for the eyes and has established itself as one of our favorite videos to date. This 8th album is sure to be EPIC!

To listen to the new single “WorkB**ch” listen here on iTunes

The music video can be found here on VEVO

[Images via PopStyle.EW , DigitalSpy, PerezHilton, PopSugar, BuzzFeed]



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