Chapter 8 C.A.T.

Posted: October 28, 2013 in C.A.T

Chapter 8 touched on communication through technology–specifically through email. Over the past 10 years email has become arguably the benchmark form of communication. Media advisories, pitches and other forms of “consumer/producer” writing can be communicated through email. The chapter also touched on the many benefits of email:


  • expedient
  • convenient
  • time efficient

Email allows for individuals to effectively communicate in a manner that saves both time and physical energy., like with most things there are a few downsides to the utilization of email. Emails have the tendency to become overlooked because at first glance they can easily be regarded as “junk mail” or “spam”. In a single instance, a carefully crafted email can be deleted by the recipient. Another prominent downside is that email is fairly impersonal, especially when compared to actual face to face contact where things such as syntax (verbal) and haptics (physical contact) can add to the overall efficacy of a message.  Overall this chapter enforced the positive aspects of using email considering certain measures are taken to make sure they are properly employed.

[Image via MarketingOriginals]


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