Chapter 13 C.A.T.

Posted: November 11, 2013 in C.A.T
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Chapter 13 followed the trend of Chapter eight by further discussing the use of technology in public relations. The web is known for its time efficiency and maximum reach in terms of message output. However, it is also a very important tool for multipurpose utilization. There are several avenues where public relations and the web join in matrimony; a few examples are: tracking public opinion, monitoring competition and even identifying demographics. Public relations practitioners are sometimes intimidated by the distribution and timing aspects of the web but in essence, the web allows for PR professionals to maintain a higher amount of control.

Brevity is another important aspect of web usage. Due to its high volume, emails and information provided over the internet may sometimes be overlooked so it’s imporant to be clear and consise–allowing the public to identify and recive the message. An important component of web usage is being able to identify the Internet public and this audience uses the internet. Identifying the internet public includes separating diligent visitors from casual browsers and critical users. Each group ultimately has a significant web voice and can impact other viewers.


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