Chapter 6 C.A.T.

Posted: November 18, 2013 in C.A.T
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Chapter six discussed the legal components of the PR world. In any profession, it is important to make yourself aware of your legal responsibilities. These legal responsibilities stretch far beyond protecting yourself, but can be the key determinant in maintaining the integrity and reputation of the person or organization that you are representing. Familiarizing yourself with legal inputs, particular clauses, and definitions is one of the most important aspects of being a public relations writer. The legal ramifications were also discussed in the chapter. In a lot of ways, this chapter was one of the most important because having the tools as a great PR writer can mean nothing if you lack the wherewithal to know what legal guidelines you can operate within. As a PR writer, it is important to make the most legally responsible decisions as far as both content and media are concerned. There is also several websites that professionals can access that gives them access to case files and examples of transgressions of certain laws.

[Images via Norsigianlaw]


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