Chapter 16 C.A.T.

Posted: November 20, 2013 in C.A.T
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financial-graphWe’ve finally reached the last chapter of the semester…Chapter 16. It was definitely an insightful chapter and did not disappoint. This chapter discussed the premise of reports and their association with building public perception and are instrumental in building good public relations. The chapter went as far as to discuss the different kinds of reports as well as their functions.

First, there are annual reports. Annual reports are used to keep chart of a company or organization’s financial revenue/loss for the preceding year. In PR, there are not always required but can be very useful in  building public relations in that it gives the customers detailed information on about the company as well as visual regarding figures.  Then there are financial reports. These reports keep track of spending and expenses and are usually utilized in conjunction with non profit organizations. The chapter went on to discuss how reports need to be conducted carefully and accurately by including assets, revenue and operating activities. Also, it’s important to note that reports (financial, annual and otherwise) must fiscally represent the designated timeframe especially when it comes to incorporating nonprofit organizations. I enjoyed the chapter because it touched on an element of PR that I had personally not deemed as important, and completely changed the way I viewed it.


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