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The CW’s long-running reality television program, America’s Next Top Model, entered its 20th season early this fall. Created and by former supermodel and fashion industry heavyweight, Tyra Banks, the past 19 seasons of ‘Top Model’ have been known for introducing interesting concepts and pushing the envelope. This season proved no differently. In a series dominated by over 175 contestants and 19 winners (all of whom are female), season 20 made waves by incorporating both males and females–with the aptly titled name, “America’s Next Top Model 2.0: Guys & Girls”.

A motley of talent was displayed as the guys and the girls feverishly competed in a fashion battle for the ages. In competition filled with drama, sweat, and even tears, it came down to the final two contestants:

americas-next-top-model-cycle-20-winner(left to right) 19 year-old, Jourdan Miller and 20 year-old, Marvin Cortes.

The finale was a nail biter as the judging panel consisting of Tyra Banks, Rob Evans, Kelly Cutrone and Bryanboy reviewed the final two models’ portfolios and overall body of work through the series. In the end, the winner was chosen…



The judges all agreed that even though they were pushing for a male to win this season, Jourdan’s overall body of work and profitability as a model far exceeded Marvin’s and she was awarded the title of “America’s Next Top Model”.

Congratulations to all of the contestants as this season was the first of its kind! ANTM is renewed for a 21st season so tune in next fall as Tyra Banks gathers a new group of contestants and determines America’s next top model.

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